Learn to run? Yes you can!

Learn to run? Yes you can!

Running. It’s something a lot of us think we can’t do, but with the right approach it IS possible.

Humans are built to run, and (barring pre-existing injuries or conditions) most of us are more capable than we think! You just have to want to run, and you have to start smart.

The key to a successful running career is to start slow and take a gradual approach. This way you allow your body adapt to the demands of running while preventing injury. It’s easy to get ahead of yourself and try to keep up with others, but listening to your body and meeting yourself where you’re at will ensure you start to love running rather than hate it. Be the tortoise—not the hare.

One of the best ways to establish yourself as a runner is to join a learn-to-run training clinic. In a clinic setting, a lot of the work is done for you. You get a training plan, coaching, and camaraderie in a group setting which takes the pressure off you—all you have to do is show up. You’ll meet like-minded people with similar goals that may just become your running buddies for life!

Scientific research proves that regular exercise (and running in particular) provides many health benefits that extend beyond just weight maintenance and cardiovascular health. Runners are happier, sleep better, and have improved concentration. Running strengthens bones and joints—including knees—and reduces the risk of cancer.

So what are you waiting for? All you need is a decent pair of shoes, a good pair of socks, and a positive attitude! Like any new activity, check with your doctor before getting started, then sign up for Cowichan Valley Running’s eight-week learn-to-run clinic starting September 7! You can register in-person, by calling 250-929-7860, or online.

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