Show November Who's Boss

Show November Who's Boss

November is one of the coldest darkest months of the year. You can give in and curl up on the couch, or you can show November who's boss.

We're challenging YOU to move for 30 minutes a day, everyday from November 1 to 21. You can run, walk, or hike; you can be fast, you can be slow. You just have to do it for 30 minutes.

However, to accept the challenge, you gotta put your money where your mouth is. Pledge $30 to sign up for the challenge, track your activities, and you will get a $50 gift card to Cowichan Valley Running to spend on ANYTHING you want!

How it Works

How do I sign up?

You can register in-person at the store and pay your $30 pledge by cash, debit or credit card. You may also register online and pay by credit card.

What activities qualify?

Running, walking, and hiking. If you are a die-hard bike commuter, we salute you, but it doesn't qualify for the challenge. You gotta be on your feet!

Can I split up my 30 minutes?

No. The 30 minutes must be consecutive. You can do run/walk intervals, but it must be in a 30 min window. For example, five sets of running for 5 minutes, walking for 1 minute (5 x 6 = 30).

Can my family sign up?

YES! We want to encourage families to be active together. You can sign up your whole family for one $30 pledge, and receive one $50 gift card at the end of the challenge. At least one family member must complete 30 min of activity for everyday of the challenge. 

Can I sign up my family members individually?

YES! Even better! Each family member can pledge $30 and each will receive a $50 gift card when they successfully complete the challenge.

How do I log my activities?

We've got a Google spreadsheet for that! It will be private, so only challenge participants will have access to view the spreadsheet and enter their activities.

When the challenge is over, how do I get my gift certificate?

Gift certificates will be issued at the end of the challenge and you will be contacted when it's ready to use.

Got any tips to fitting in my 30 minutes?

  • Leave a little early for work and park a 30 min walk away.
  • Go for a walk on your lunch break. Invite your co-workers!
  • Wake up early and head out for a pre-breakfast jog or walk.
  • Bundle up the whole family and head out after dinner. The dishes can wait!
  • Got a dog? Instead of a 15 min walk, make it 30!

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