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Introducing the CVR Run Club!

Introducing the CVR Run Club!

Tired of running alone? Need motivation to tie up those laces and hit the road? ME TOO!

Introducing the CVR Run Club. This free running club meets every Thursday at the shop at 6 PM for group runsThere will always be two options—a run, and a run/walk. Walkers are welcome too!

The run group route will generally be longer and is for folks that run regularly or have run in a group setting before.

The run/walk group will be geared towards people who are new to running or maybe broke up with running awhile ago and really, really want to get back together. I want everyone to feel welcome, so please leave your pace worries at home. No one will be left behind! Expect us to regroup if we get a bit too spread out.

Now for the serious stuff—group safety! As we are all aware, our streets are very dark and sidewalks are limited. Please keep that in mind when selecting your running attire. Most run clothing has some amount of reflectivity, but reflective arm bands are an inexpensive way to amp up your visibility. Head lamps are also very useful in the darkest of winter months.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email info@cowichanvalleyrunning.com or call the shop at 250.929.7860.

Download CVR Run Club Registration form

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