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CVR Run Club Route - Thurs, Oct 19

CVR Run Club Route - Thurs, Oct 19

This week it's Members' Choice! We can either repeat a route we've done before, or do a new route. Here are the previous routes:

  1. Mill Bay Rd - to the ferry terminal and back
  2. Nightingale - across the highway to Barry, along Wilkinson through to Nightingale
  3. Telegraph - Kilmalu to Telegraph through to Hutchinson

The new route would have us go across the highway to Barry Rd, take the trail to Shawnigan-Mill Bay Rd through to Cameron Taggart and up to Merridale Rd for the turn around. It's a nice 9KM route, with a decent climb up to the turn around point. Bit of traffic on Shawnigan-Mill Bay Rd, though.

Have a think, and email me your preferred route.

Next week, we're gonna get spooky with a mystery route! I've got a trick up my sleeve, and there will be treats, followed by pizza at Pizzeria Prima Strada for those that are interested. RSVP for pizza here.

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