CVR Run Club Route – Telegraph

CVR Run Club Route – Telegraph

This week we will return to the out-and-back we did a few weeks ago along Telegraph.

  • Head out along Lashburn (the dead end road that goes past Brentwood) which connects to the path that runs along the highway.
  • At the end of the path (after you've crossed the bridge), go right to connect to Church Way.*
  • Follow Church Way until Kilmalu
  • Turn right on Kilmalu until Telegraph
  • Turn left on Telegraph, and follow all the way to Hutchinson
  • Turn around and come back the way you came for a full 9KM

*On the return, the path from Church Way to the bridge is easy to miss. If you find yourself at the church, you've gone too far.

RUN: Complete the route for a full 9KM, or turn around based on time.

RUN/WALK: The 6:1 group will continue with six sets, and the 2:1 group will continue with 10 sets.

WALK: Head out for a good 15-20 minutes before turning around.

The weather report calls for light rain and a temperature of 2 degrees! Brrrr. Time to start layering up!

CVR Run Club Route – Telegraph

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