CVR Run Club Route - Nightingale

CVR Run Club Route - Nightingale

This week's route is another out-and-back, but on the other side of the highway. The full route is 9.2km. The way out is a fairly steady climb, but you'll enjoy a nice descent on the way back to the shop!


  • Head out to Deloume, turn left and cross the highway. Head up until you hit Barry Rd.
  • Stay on the road or take the little footpath on the right hand side.
  • Continue past the dead end sign, and follow the trail to Shawnigan-Mill Bay Rd.
  • Hang a left and cross the road to Kerry Park when safe.
  • Just past the community centre is Wilkinson Rd. Head up Wilkinson, and continue around the bend to the left. Continue along, keeping right past Deerwood Place and Coolbrook Place. Go around the black and yellow road sign to find the foot path that connects to the next stretch of Wilkinson. Follow it to Cobble Hill Rd.
  • This is a busy stretch of Cobble Hill Rd. Turn right, but then it's a quick left onto Nightingale.
  • Go all the way to the end of Nightingale, then turn around and retrace your steps back to Mill Bay Centre.

RUN: You know what to do. Go all the way and back for a good 9K, or pick your own turn around point based on time.

RUN/WALK: Within Run/Walk, we will continue the two options.

  1. Complete six sets of a 6:1 interval (6 min running and 1 min walking) for a 42 min workout
  2. Complete ten (or more!) sets of a 2:1 interval for a 30 min workout.

The run pace is easy—you should be able to carry on a conversation without too much difficulty.

WALK: Like the runners, just head out along the route for a brisk 15-20 min before turning around to come back to the shop for a group stretch!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email or call the shop at 250.929.7860.

See you Thursday!

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