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CVR Run Club Route - Cameron Taggart

CVR Run Club Route - Cameron Taggart

Found a nice quiet route that will take us to Merridale Rd and back.

  • From the shop, head up Deloume, cross the highway, go left up the hill past the Mill Bay Waterworks and turn right on Lilmac.
  • Follow Lilmac all the way to the end where you will find a little trail entrance on the left. Take the trail and you come out on Briarwood.
  • Follow Briarwood all the way to Shawnigan-Mill Bay Rd.
  • Cross Shawnigan-Mill Bay Rd, turn right.
  • About 100m down the road you will hit Cameron Taggart
  • Follow Cameron Taggart all the way to Merridale Rd (about 2KM).
  • Turn around at Merridale and retrace your steps back to the shop.

RUN: Complete the route for a total of 10KM

RUN/WALK: The 6:1 will continue with three sets out and three sets back for a total of 42 minutes. The 2:1 group will continue with five sets out and five sets back for a total of 30 minutes.

Tiny bit warmer this Thursday, but might be some light rain. Bundle up!

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