A few of our favourite things

A few of our favourite things

At Cowichan Valley Running, we love making things easy for you—that includes finding the perfect gift for the runner on your list. So to keep it simple, these are a few of our favourite things sure to delight your favourite runner.

Ultra-soft base layers. The closer to the skin, the softer it has to be. A body-hugging base layer wicks away sweat and moisture, helping to regulate body temperature no matter how low the thermostat drops. We've got options for men, women, and kids!

Waterproof gloves. More specifically, hybrid gloves! How about a glove that has a wind-proof, waterproof mitt that stashes away when not in use? Our best-selling Craft Hybrid Weather Glove does just that. These gloves are the best option for walking, running, biking, and more!

Toques. Don't leave home with them. Toques (or beanies) keep your head warm, of course, but they also keep ears protected from cold and your hair out of your face! For night runners, a toque helps keep a headlamp comfortably in place, too.

Socks. Runners can never have enough pairs of socks. Technical running socks keep runners' feet warm, dry, and happy. Happy feet = happy running. Bonus feature: the more socks runners have the less laundry they do.

Tech Wash. Speaking of laundry, ever notice how once a technical garment becomes stinky it stays stinky? Ditch the detergent and the smell with tech wash. Our fave is Nathan Power Wash. It removes locked-in orders, restores fabric performance, and is eco-friendly and biodegradable.

There you have it. Our version of whiskers on kittens and warm woollen mittens, but it only scratches the surface. Check out all our favourite things here for more ideas! Better yet, visit us in-store and let us help you find the perfect gift.

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